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Online Course Enrollment > Best Practice for Working with Pets and the Bach flower remedies - April 10&17, 2021
Best Practice for Working with Pets and the Bach flower remedies - April 10&17, 2021
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Whether you love your pet and want to learn more about how best to assist them with the flowers, or you are a flower remedy practitioner and have some pets in your caseload, this course will be of benefit.

This program is ground breaking in terms of how we view our pets.

It clarifies many of the misconceptions we hold about working with pets, and establishes clear guidelines for Bach flower work with animals. (This course is not an animal practitioner training, but a fundamental Best Practices course to help you to best help pets.) The course greatly expands the information provided in Level 1-3 training, and provides a very solid foundation to key principles to employ in working with our pets.


This program will be held live online, with homework due before each session.

Course Website opens April 3

YOU MUST BE ENROLLED NO LATER THAN APRIL 7 to complete the homework before our 1st meeting

Live interactive sessions Saturdays, April 10 & 17, 2021

10am-noon PDT (1-3 pm EDT)


Course website opens April 3. Students may log in at that time and begin their homework, comprised of video, reading and exercises. There is mandatory homework to complete before the first LiveWeb session; this homework will take 1 hour to complete,


Our first live online class  

LiveWeb Session 1 will be held Saturday April 10, 2021 10am - noon Pacific time (PDT)

This session will last approximately 2 hours.You can join via laptop, computer, even a smartphone. These sessions are fully interactive. 

After the 1st live meeting, there will be 2 sections of further coursework online. Each section will take approximately 75 minutes. 


Our second live online meeting

LiveWeb Session 2 will be held Saturday April 17  10am - noon Pacific time (PDT)

This session will last approximately 2 hours. 


This course offers the unique opportunity for practitioners and advanced Bach students and to expand their understanding of how best to apply their knowledge of the Bach remedies to our animal friends.

Your may find further course details here


PREREQUISITES: ADVANCED BACH STUDENTS ONLY (you must have completed Level 1)

Please note: if you have previously attended the Level 1 Pets and their People Course, this class will be review the key concepts taught. 




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