"Disease is a result of the disharmony between the Personality and the Soul"

                                                                   Dr Edward Bach

'Within each one of us lies a divine blueprint for our lives.  We each have a plan and a purpose; our soul knows exactly why we are here.'   Nancy Buono

Everyday life and its worries can cloud over our true being.  Family, friends and work make demands on our time and energy, leaving us drained and frustrated.  World situations and personal circumstance create anxiety, worry, fear and sleeplessness.  As all the stresses of daily life mount, we may even find ourselves despondent, with no energy or enthusiasm for life.

Yet, the soul within us remains, calling us to shine our light.  And the Bach® Flower Essences can help us.


What are Bach Flower Remedies?                                    

A natural system of stress management, the Bach Flower Essences were discovered by a physician named Dr. Edward Bach, in the 1930's.  Dr. Bach was a physician, surgeon, homeopath, bacteriologist and immunologist.  In working with his patients,  he found that their physical illnesses were exacerbated by their mental and emotional states and so set to discover a system of healing that would be safe and simple, with no side effects.  He located 38 flowering plants and trees which balanced specific negative emotions and formulated them into dilute homeopathic mixtures.  These liquids, known as the Bach Flower Essences, can be used in combination to address over 200 million states of mind.  Best of all, they are safe, non-toxic and do not interact with any other form of treatment.  The Bach Flower Essences are manufactured under strict guidelines for safety and purity (GMP) which are established by the World Health Organization and are available in 66 countries worldwide.


What is a Bach Flower Consultation?                                    

In a Bach Flower Consultation, you will be guided to assess your current situation to determine which essences will help you by Nancy BuonoNancy is a BFRP, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, as well as an international educator and consultant with over 30 years experience working with clients and the essences.  In addition, as the North American Director for the Bach International Education Program (BIEP), she has written training curriculum for Bach Practitioners and trained Bach teachers worldwide.  And, as a mother of 5, Nancy is a caring and pragmatic professional.


Life Coaching

In addition to Bach Flower consultations, Nancy also offers Life Coaching sessions which combine wellness, life and pragmatic, practical spiritual coaching with use of the Bach remedies to help you 

          Create a happier life

          Conquer fears and worries

          Tap in to your inner voice and purpose

           Align your work with your inner directives

           Accomplish your goals (and build your business)

           Be an effective spiritual person in the real world

Consultations are available via telephone.  For further information email info@livingenrichment.com 


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